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As a physicist

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    As a physicist....

    Would you like to fund your own research?

    Lets say that you are a brilliant physicist—applies to any scientists in general—and working on a research while running a business, and you have the ability to fund and build laboratories.

    I want to hear what people think of that. I always thought that physicists are too busy to run a business—it could be an invention related to physics/research—and they are not concerned with wealth.

    Putting physics and science aside, are you going to be satisfied being middle-class or relying on work?
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    I think i difficult to accept it for me.Because my dream is to know more about phycisc instead of becoming wealthy.Em,I don’t know if what i am saying is out of your topic.
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    Well, yeah physics is a priority for physicists.

    You know as of recently, some research in physics is lacking in funding, and being wealthy enough to fund one never hurts.
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    Now i have understood what you mean,and i think you make sence.i have ever thought about this problem.But i am not sure if i could adapt other job,so maybe i will find some relative jobs to support my life and research.But i am not sure if i could earn enough money to support some research.
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    Look up US Congressman Bill Foster. Although, I don't think he funded any of his research work with his wealth.

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    Hey, Yuri Milner bought a 100 million $ house/property. I personally would dumb that on a huge personal lab or collaborate with a research university.

    I guess it depends on the person's reason for studying physics in the first place, or lets say his Raison d'être.
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