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AS advancing physics course

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    Hi im trying to do the "making sense of data" coursework for the AS advancing physics course. The problem is in for this thursday and I can;t do it. We have been given data about an experiment which invovles a projectile leaving a tube. We know the initial velocity of the projectile, the horizontal distance it has travelled and the height it leaves the tube. We are supposed to analyse this data and produce graphs but I don't know how?? I think it has something to do with parabola. If anyone could help asap with a coursework I could look at or some advice it would be much appreciated
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    Let's see, what kind of graphs do you need to produce? Do you know the equations that describe the projectile's motion?
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    You are probably asked to plot time versus height or horizontal versus vertical distance. You say you were given data. Do you know what they are? how many data points were you given?

    If, instead of a table or a list of numbers, you were given just initial parameters, you will probably need to plug them into the equations for parabolic throw.
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