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AS Coursework

  1. Apr 5, 2008 #1

    I've been given a set of data and told to do some calulations with it, the data was collected from an experiment where a mass was dropped through a light gate from different heights and the speed was measured.

    I have some basic things I know how to do but after that i'm not sure,,

    I'd be really grateful if anyone's got any idea's

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    Have you played around with the equations of motion? (SUVAT)
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    i have calculated velocity thn im gna get acceleration, ke, gpe, force and work done,, i just wondered whether there was anything else i could include?

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    Since you're dropping a mass from different heights and measuring speed, I'd have though one was trying to measure the acceleration due to gravity. You will have to investigate the relationship between height speed and acceleration and graph the results.
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