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AS OCR Physics planning exercise 2008

  1. May 6, 2008 #1
    The manufacturers of wood floors need to know how much the wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature. One way of detecting expansion or contraction is to use a strain gauge.
    You are required to design a laboratory experiment to investigate how the resistance of a strain gauge attached to a piece of wood varies with the temperature of the wood.
    You should draw a diagram of the apparatus, and in your account you should pay particular attention to:
    (a) the procedure to be followed
    (b) how the strain gauge would be attached to the wood
    (c) the range and precision of any instruments that would be used
    (d) the factors that would need to be controlled to ensure that it is a valid test
    (e) any safety precautions you would take when carrying out the experiment
    (f) particular features of the design that would ensure the accuracy and reliability of your results

    I was just wondering if there is anyone on here that has done this planning exercise that could give me a little help on how to do it. I have looked all over the internet and not found any useful information at all, even on wikipedia. I am usually a pretty good physics student (got a B in forces and motion exam) but I just cant get my head round this. If anyone could provide a little help that would be great.
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