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AS Physics Q (Easy but want to clarify)

  1. Sep 29, 2004 #1

    Just wondering if i am either:

    Being Illogical
    Book has a typo
    Or simply rearranging equation to suit the question.

    here is the question...

    A Car acclerates from 5 m s -1 to 15 m s-1 in 6 seconds.

    Find the acceleration.

    Chosen formula:

    V = U + AT
    So i thougth ok... replace letters with numbers (logical)

    5 = 15 = (ax6)
    So then i think hmmm thats not right... wont get me an answer and if it did it would be totally wrong!

    So i checked textbook and see:

    15 = 5 + (ax6)
    a = 1.67

    Now... This is actualy u = v+ AT

    So... it makes sense sure... But they have changed the equation a bit.

    i want to know something...
    Is it a typo in the textbook (No... it gets the correct answer).
    Is it simply changing the equation to suite the question therefore getting us a answer...

    And if so - Where can i find out all this "rearranging" equations stuff.

    Im a distance learner, I may phone my tutor but i thought i would put it here first.

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2004
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