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Homework Help: AS Sensor Coursework

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    Hello there!!
    My AS Sensor Courswork plan is due in a week today and i really dont know what sensor to use and what to do
    The best ive come up with so far is to use a spinning disc with a hole in it in front of a lamp and using a phototransistor and oscilloscope to work out frequency and rotations / second. I really need some more ideas.. so any help would be very welcome.
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    It would help if we knew what the requirements were...
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    Its hard to explain the requirements on here because we have pages of it!! Its basically a simple all-round test of a sensor designed in a circuit for a particular purpose.. with a slight emphasis on the use of a potential divider or wheatstone network. For anyone familiar with it or thats done it its on the OCR Advancing Physics course.
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    Hmm for AS-evel course work you shouldn't really have posted in the College Help forum.

    I think it would be best if you can provide more info :-/
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    Sorry. I'm in college so i thought itd make sense!! :/
    I'm really looking for anyone thats doing the course and might be familiar with the sensor coursework. There's some suggested project ideas like measuring water level with a rotary potentiometer and the spinning disc one but i was hoping someone might have a more original concept!!
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