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ASCII Starwars

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    Wow, someone had a bit too much time on their hands:

    telnet to this address: towel.blinkenlights.nl

    I think windows has a built in telnet client, but if there isn't one then you can use this one:

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    thats been there for years :)
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    Sorry for my ignorance, but what's telnet?
    When I try to do it, a message box appears telling me that the connection ahs been closed. What does that mean?
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    in windows do this...

    click start then run, in the tun box type "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl"

    without the ""

    Telnet is a layer 7 application which runs ontop of tcp/IP it allows a user to remotely connect to another device... ("remote terminal connection service")
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    That's too good!
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    You want us to click on an EXE link? Bad penguin!:devil:
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    No save it then 2*click on it!!!! :tongue2:
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