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Ashley is the name for male or female?

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    Ashley is the name for male or female?

    My nephew, a boy named Ashley,
    I read paper there is a female singer named Ashley too.

    Why so funny?

    Can male and female share the same name?

    Do you think a person's name is very important to his/her fate?
    Chinese will change name if they think their given names are no good.
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    Most (actually all) of the Ashley's that I personally know are girls. Not that there's anything wrong with a boy named Ashley, but I wouldn't call my son that.
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    its a name suitable for both male and females, but generally used for girls now-a-days.

    ...all the guys i know who's name is ashley, go by "ash."
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    Math Is Hard

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    I think it's entirely possible that one's name influences one's fate. Sometimes I wish my parents hadn't named me Math is Hard. I might be having an easier time in my statistics class.
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    Well if u are a Buddhist, then yes. At least thats what I know from my friends that are Buddhist. But generally I feel that its better to have a nice name. I don't anyone wants to be made fun of cuz of their name.
    Btw from what I know, Ashley is a unisex name.
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    names like beverly, shannon, erin (aaron?) all started out as guys' names since they are places in britain somewhere. so someone would be so-&-so of shannon. somewhere along the line those names got hijacked so now they're girls' names. it's kind of weird that guys haven't hijacked any girl names, but then i wouldn't want to be called jessica... i guess i've heard of guys called lynn, but not very many. i've also heard of parents giving their daughters a boy's name, like james, etc thinking that they will have a better chance at getting a job, getting into a school or whatever. all the admissions people would see is a guy's name on the application. in that case, the parents must think that the kid's name has a lot to do with the kid's fate.
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    Scarlett (female) says to the man;

    Oh, Ashley! I could never hate you and, and I know you must care about me. Oh, you do care, don't you?

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    My parents had always planned on calling me Brian, but they made that my middle name. Now I'm S. Brian Whipple and it's a pain. I wondered why not name me Brian S. Whipple and turns out they didn't want my initials to be BS.
    had they only known
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    LOL! My mom wanted to name me Harriet, because my father's name was Harry. Thankfully, my father always had better taste than my mom and convinced her to pick a different name that started with H. My middle name is my mom's name. It took them 10 years to have me, so I guess they weren't going to wait around to see if they got a boy to make "Jr." And the best part is my initials don't spell anything, and you can't shorten any of my names to make a nickname, so I was tease-proof in school...well, at least as far as names went...I got picked on for being the smart-alek who kept correcting the teacher's spelling on the chalkboard.

    As for boys' vs girls' names, I've noticed it really depends on what country you grow up in. Names that would only be used for boys in the US are used almost exclusively for girls in France. It sometimes shifts generation to generation too. Taylor used to be a boys' name, and now it's much more common as a girls' name.
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    I knew someone who was just like Scarlett. It was so bad, that i got so pissed at her once i advised her to read the book. And After 3 pages the similarities made her somad she stopped reading. She didn't finish it until almost 3 months later.

    Aaaah. High school drama.
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    my last name is Whipple. Don't know if you remember Mr. Whipple, damn Charmin squeezing pervert. Believe it or not I heard a couple of jokes growing up.
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    Um, yeah...I wasn't going to say it because I figured you'd heard it a thousand times already, but that's the first thing that popped into my mind when you mentioned your last name..."Please don't squeeze the Charmin!"
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