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Asistance needed please.Career

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    First off, Thank you for your time. I do not know if This is the right forum to be posting this.

    (My life story) My name is Levi and I am a Junior at a florida school with a G.P.A. a little over 3.0(its raising). When I was(still am :rofl: ) growing up I always thought of two things interesting, being in the medical field or aviation field. Well long story short I was in and out of the hopital :yuck: in the patients point of view when I was younger. So I was leaning towards becoming a doctor. About a year ago I started to volunteer in a local hospital regularly and found out I wasn't cut out for it, long hours:zzz: , same routine, and plus you have to go to school 12 years! (12 years would be nothing to me if I really wanted it.) So I look at the aviation field, flying airplanes. I done mine research and found out pilots right now aren't doing so well, and it has been on a downhill. I was still very interested in becoming a pilot, but whats the use if I can't keep a regular job and with low income?(low income would matter some what to me.) So I turned to AEROSPACE ENGINEERING. Luckily one of the best university for aerospace engineering is in my backyard, Daytona, FL. I think it would be awesome designing airplanes,rockets, ect, but I do not have much knowledge of what aerospace engineering is. Can someone in person explain the positive and negiative things about aerospace engineering,perferringly someone with that degree. And if there's any place where I could go to, to see what aerospace engineering is really about?

    Thanks for your respones,
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    Hi Levi,

    Aerospace Engineering, like most other types of engineering, has many different elements which can be considered the "building blocks" of Aerospace Engineering:


    Depending on your interests, you may find yourself concentrating on materials science and structures, or going in a different direction with fluid dynamics and CFDs. Before you get to taking these classes, you will need a solid math background (Calculus, Diff Eqs...).

    I myself am currently a Junior in the Aerospace Engineering program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I'm not sure if I answered any of your questions, or just told you things you already knew, but hopefully something helped. :)
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