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Asjusted Fourier series.

  1. Jul 27, 2009 #1
    I have a function I want to model. It is periodic, but the period keeps decreasing. Basically, it'll be a periodic function "squished" for larger values of x.

    The typical fourier series is...
    y = SUM{aSin(nx)} + SUM{bCos(nx)}

    I think I will attempt

    y = SUM{aSin(nx^2)} + SUM{bCos(nx^2)}

    replacing x -->x^2 should give me the "smushing" that I want.

    The application is bladder level as a function of beers consumed. The basic function is an increasing (quadratic, exponential) function followed by a linear, steeply sloped drop to zero.
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