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Ask me to make you a program

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    I'm a beginner so I can only make very basic programs.
    I don't want to waste time making games so please ask me to make some useful thing thanks!
    http://eraserboxtips.blogspot.com/2012/12/make-me-program-website.html [Broken] for more details, though you could just post on this forum instead
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    Hmm... one thing that might be of general use to people is a resume builder that asks specific questions about skills, experience, objectives, and education and then checks the supplied responses for grammer and spelling and builds a word document using one of a few styles that the user selects. Would allow you to get programming experience interfacing with MS word or open office, and potentialy provide a nice tool for job seekers that have difficulty formatting their own resume. You could perhaps expand the project to include an SQL database that contains job skills that can be recommended to the user to add to their resume (if they have those skills), based on some criteria. For example, a programmer might put down the various languages that they can program in, but forget to add in that they know how to use MS office and E-mail (skills that an IT employer would consider mandatory), and your program could recommend those skills to the user and add them if they accept.
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    I found in my early days that being able to make various manipulations on any kind of flat file was very useful so I wrote a massive utility to do all those things. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, PM me for details.
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