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[ask] nanotechnology

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    HI I'm a member
    Actually I'm curious about nano technology/nano engineering but don't much about it, and want to ask a few questions.
    First, what subject should I prepare for taking nanotechnology?
    Second what university offers nanotechnology for Bachelor/Master programme? I prefer in Asia.
    Third, Say I'm taking nanotechnology for my graduate studies, what undergraduate major can take it?
    last If I take nanotechnology as my major what will i learn? also waht is the prospect of nanotechnology in future?
    That's all thank you. Sorry for my bad english.
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    Nobody seems to have answered your question, so I'll give this a go...

    Some universities now offer dedicated 'nanotechnology' or nanoscience programs in Science or Engineering to prepare students for 'nanotechnology careers'. In my experience, a lot of the people that make use of our own fabrication facilities (so keep in mind that this is biased towards actual fabrication people) have backgrounds in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, or Materials) or Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology). In short, they come from all sorts of science backgrounds, though many have had previous experience (summer or honors research) in nanoscience. Fundamentally 'nanotechnology' is a huge and interdisciplinary process, and that's why this diverse background is desirable.

    In addition, there are people that do simulations and design work that come from mathematics and occasionally, computer science backgrounds (in addition to those that come from the programs mentioned above). Why do I say 'occasionally' computer science? Because typically, it's easier for the person that has a good understanding of science or engineering to pick up / develop their programming abilities than the other way around.

    So, don't worry so much about which undergraduate program you choose, but do it at a school that has many researchers working in the various branches of 'nanotechnology', and see if you can work for them as a summer student! That and figure out which area of nanotechnology you might like to go into for a graduate program (assuming you still want to do so, at the end) and modify your program as you need to.

    As for universities in Asia, well, that's an awfully big place. I did a quick search, and discovered that Wikipedia has a list of schools with dedicated nanoscience programs (i.e. BSc in nanotechnology, nanoscience, etc.--but keep in mind what I wrote above):

    Given the expense of establishing and stocking cleanrooms and micro/nano fabrication facilities, that your best bet may be (in no particular order) National University in Singapore, and various universities in Australia, Japan, and Taiwan. After that, probably Taiwan and Malaysia. Hopefully, someone else will weigh in here, or you'll share some of your own findings.

    Good luck!
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