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Asking a cashier girl out?

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    This girl works at my university's food court as a cashier. I always make small talk with her but I haven't really gotten the chance to really know her since I always have a line of people behind me. She is pretty nice, but being nice is a must since she's a cashier after all. I would like to ask her out for some coffee or something like that, but I don't know how. I'm an engineer major and since, yes, the stereotype is true, engineers are not very good at asking girls out; I don't know how to do it without looking and sounding so awkward.
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    Show her your outgoing side. Stare at her shoes when you talk to her. BaZING! :biggrin:

    Just ask her to a coffee after her shift.

    There's no special way that will give you more success than simply asking.
    There's also no special way that will make it easier if she says no.

    It's like jumping into a pool. No matter how long you wait, or what contortions you do getting in, the water won't get any warmer. So just jump. And have fun.
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    I lived near NASA growing up and we had more engineers per capita than anywhere I can think of. They were not shy, they were not afraid of asking a girl out (and they had a a huge amount of competition).

    I agree with Dave, ask her out, if she says no, no big deal move on.
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    So tell him how they asked you!

    Then that will solve the biggest of his 3 problems.

    The first is breaking the ice, but he has already done that. The third is those people behind him in the line. Maybe the place has a slack time?

    And as it will with your help be done in friendly way, he goes past the same cashier regularly and can go at a crowded time and smile friendly and say hello but also glance back at the next people :oldwink: but ask again after a week or two. She will have thought about it then.
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    Don't worry about being awkward, it shows that you don't do that everyday and not for everybody. It can pay !
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    Just do it! I did it last night. I had noticed this cashier at the local grocery store. I've seen her 4-5 times and made small talks 2 times. Last night I walked up straight to her and asked if she wanted to go out for a coffee with me. She said she would if she didn't already have a boyfriend. I accepted it. Thanked her for being direct and moved on. I didn't get her but I certainly got back my confidence.
    Asking out a cashier in a busy store takes guts and I did it so that mean I have guts! Dude, just do it. It will make you feel much better no matter what the answer will be. You will be proud of yourself for doing that. Get it out of your system. Otherwise it will just rot and make you miserable.
    Best of luck!
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    You should probably slip her a note. It can be embarrassing to get a question like that when you're working and have customers waiting on you. Then she can either politely reject you, or accept without feeling pressure of being at work and around other people.
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