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Asking a girl for coffee?

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    I asked this girl out for coffee 2 days ago and she said yes. Yesterday she e-mailed me and said that she was sick and couldn't make it to class. I told her I hope she feels better soon. Do I ask her if she wants to go out later this weekend or wait a bit, I want her to know im interested but I want to give her space.
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    Why not try:
    "I'm still interested in going for coffee with you. When you're feeling better let me know if you're still up for it."

    That puts the ball in her court. Maybe give it a few days too. If she's got a stomach virus or something she will probably want to lay low for a while and will appreciate some space.
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    It's just a coffee.
    If you are interested, you can't go full passive, either. Also, you don't have to try and get a hold of her every few hours asking how she was or something like that.
    When she's better, you'll know where you are at.

    You have your own stuff to take care of, too - so drop her a message or give her a call and ask what's up - once is enough. Can't hurt to ask twice, three times and you will feel like a donkey.
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    I think he can't let go of his love.
    Hey hang on, show her your sincerity, as that would probably melt her heart. If things turn out bad in the end, no regret on your side at all because you have tried your best to win the heart of the most beauuutiful, ssssmmmartest and long-legged girl in town.
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    You can look at it like this and you should lose no sleep over it.

    She told you she was sick. If she really didn't care she would probably have said nada and left you having to overdose on two cups of coffee.
    So, you can ask her how she's doing and wish her well.

    If you are looking for a more empathetic answer - I can relate, but not to this kind of panic before first coffee. Give her space, but don't completely forget about her - show that you know she exists and all that, but You and your own life come before that, no? Good. Good luck
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    My post above didn't mean anything about that. I would only want him to enjoy life and pursue what he is after, his new girlfriend.
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    I once asked a girl for coffee and she replied: Sorry, I have no coffee. That was it.

    But seriously, why not send her a copy of your lecture notes for the class she missed?
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    His new girlfriend whom he hasn't even had the chance to go out with, yet :) It's kind of triggering to see people react to a cup of coffee so energetically :D ( Yeah, I know what it is like to seemingly lose all your wits and feel like a dog on a leash ). I would understand if they had been going out for months and then some problems emerged, but no - the first cup of coffee already creates problems :<

    Yeah, you can ask if she'd like pictures of the notes you made in class.
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