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Asking a person if they are snobby?

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    My partner and I were in the lab for chemistry the other day. Being the daydreamer I was, my mind started to wander. I started thinking of how different things would be if that classmate of mine were a millionaire. We were doing experiments at the time, so quite naturally I asked her if, had she been millionaire from birth, she would pay someone else to clean up after each experiment. I proceeded to ask if she thought she would be any snobbier in general. My question was met with an instantaneous (and stern) "No!". The girl had given no thought to my question, and when I asked her to back up her answer with evidence, she was quite silent. I frequently encounter this sort of denial from people, and when I point out to them that their reply had been supplied like a reflex motion, they never seem to be too happy about it.

    Even at times, I think that I act like the girl described above. Is denial healthy or should I try and think things out before answering such questions?
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    It could just be that said person in the chem lab is not in the proper mindset to have speculative philosophical discussions of how things would be different if so and so. Especially if the hypothetical situation involves him/her being being a snobby person. :wink:
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    jimmy p

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    A sure-fire way to see if the are in denial is to do this...

    Q. "are you in denial?"

    A1. "yes" - they are in denial and admit it

    A2. "NO i am NOT in denial" - they are in denial

    that is how to find it out..
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    Rarely do we see ourselves as others see us, an when they point out what they think we appear as (more oft then not they recognize the truth from within themselves, first) they are sometimes predispositioned to hold to their own 'currently held belief' of themselves....sometimes, time, and your input, help change that, sometimes not...
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    I think denial is unhealthy because one should constantly strive to better oneself. To deny what is real is to be alone. To be alone is to be depressed. Some may argue that fact, but they too are in denial. One should always pursue the 'universal' unbiased truth, for there is no use for a biased perspective.

    Personally, if someone catches me denying, I would hope they would call me on it too. If not, I would like to think I usually realize later that I had jumped to a conclusion and should give it more thought. This is the best way to approach the situation without forcing yourself into a defensive position. Instead of "correcting your wrong" or "admitting your shortcoming" you are merely "contemplating your actions from another perspective."
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    Personally I would deny that denial is something that you can deny, because denial is a denial that is bing denied, by the denial that has denied the denial, that started the intial denial of denials, denied, naturally by the denials that denied the denials of de peoples living on deNiles, banks!
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    jimmy p

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    man, thats a bucket of denial thar!! wait, you were thinking of your classmate as a millionaire and not you??? Usually if i work with a classmate of the opposite sex, i think of them naked
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