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Asking about direction of magnetic force

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I have a problem with a question that asked me to give the direction of magnetic force of a long wire with a current flowing from west to east horizontally with a magneitc field pointing into the page. What is the direction of the force and the motion afterwards?


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The wire is made out of electrons flowing in the direction opposite of that of the current. What is the formula for the magnetic force on an moving charge?


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Use Fleming's left hand rule.
But after opplying the rule, my thumb point in a direction that's away from me. But the suggested answer that the force is pointing upwards. How come?


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Follow the direction as on a map.

current is west to east means from left to right(middle finger)
magnetic field is into the paper (index finger)
where the thumb points? Is it upward

Dont confused with hand. Left hand.

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