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Asking for Help in Loll's Paper

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    I've been trying to figure out how the passage from formula (4) to formula (5) of Loll & Westra's paper http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0306183 is made, but I could not fill in the details of the calculations. Can anyone give me some help (whatever it is: tips, parts of the calculations, the whole one :eek:) ...)?

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    Hi Roberto, glad you asked!

    The detailed explanation of that step can be found on pages 6 thru 8 of

    your equations (4) and (5)

    in this paper they have different numbers, they are (3) and (8)

    and in between there is coming some equations (4, 5, 6, 7) and
    some paragraphs of discussion, to show how to get from one equation to the next

    see if this longer more detailed derivation helps---in case of difficulty at some step, please ask here at PF, I or someone else will help if we can
    (but other times I might not always be able to---I dont understand everything myself!)
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    Thank you, Marcus. That paper will help. I´ll try to do the calculations and tell you the result after.
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    I finally found the way to calculate the partition function. As I promised, I´m linking to a little PDF document I wrote with the calculation. I know it is not a complicated calculation (maybe it is even trivial...) but I needed to use a trick I didn´t know before. Anyway, if there is anyone interested, the file is in

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    thanks, Roberto
    It is neat, well-presented work. I checked some steps (including your equation (4)) but not all. Every part I looked at made sense to me. If there is ever any way you think I can be helpful (as a non-expert laid-back CDT watcher) please don't hesitate to send a PM.
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    Hey! That's great! Calculating the partition function, where there is topology change, is what it's all about! Maybe you are really getting on top of that Loll/Westra research. :biggrin: :cool:

    BTW if you don't mind saying (or saying in PM) where are you located geographically?

    And did the Utrecht people ever reply to your email?

    they sometimes do reply, and sometimes they don't, and sometimes they simply are slow---which is understandable since they are doing research at a rapid pace and must be very busy.

    the Loop 05 conference is in a little over one month, on the outskirts of Berlin, officially registration is closed, but one should treat deadlines with appropriate skepticism
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