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B Aspect Radiation

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    Light speed is the maximum speed within spacetime so the universe is limited by the speed of light.. supposed there was a signal that is faster than light.. do they have corresponding radiation that we can detect.. for example.. some black holes in center of galaxies are billions of times the solar mass.. or let's say two black holes collide.. if somehow everything happens at same time in all parts of the universe.. is there a way to detect any black hole collision or even supernova happening say 200 million light years away now on earth? what particular vacuum radiation would they emit (theoretically)?
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    Hi mieral.

    Unfortunately there is simply no way to know what would happen since there are no known FTL particles and the few hypothetical ones cause serious causality concerns (paradoxes and such). We can only answer questions about physics that we currently understand or that are based on our current understanding.

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