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Aspiring aerospace engineer

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    GUY!! Is there a 14 yr old kid like me who wants to pursue a career in aerospace engineer in future. WHo is in love with cosmos and rockets ..
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    I'm a middle aged man. I do love rockets though. Welcome to the forum. Have you launched any rockets yet, or are you just thinking about it?
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    ya one but a simple one
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    Like what specifications?
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    not much of stuff it was for a project in school i m more interested in designing them .
    My fiest rocket was a small with water missile kind of ..
    I also made a drone flying one.
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    Rio Larsen

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    Yes! I'm 14 and want to be an aerospace engineer! You can tell by looking at my profile picture. :-p However, I'm not going to be 14 in November.

    Check out my learning resources that I've compiled here. This list is not intended to replace college, but you should be able to design some sort of plane on your own by the time you finish reading all those materials. The list is subject to edit without notice.

    I recommend getting a Kindle and getting all those resources. They're so much cheaper if you get Kindle. The best Kindle is around $400 and the least best is around $100. Plus, Kindles don't fold up like regular books if you leave them open.

    Speaking of colleges, you should try and exceed in school to try to get into a prestigious university. I'd aim for MIT if I were you.
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    ur r right but in india we have IIT which is one of the hardest exams in the world to crack. I want to do my masters from MIT
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    Rio Larsen

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    Good luck! I hope to see you succeed! :wink:
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    Please be sure to read our rules. Text speak like "ur r" is not allowed on this forum.
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    ya i forgot sorry .
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