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Aspiring Engineer, My Quest for Enlightenment

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    Hello PF,

    I'm a college student currently working on my Associates in Engineering Science. I've always been a bit confused throughout my life, always searching for "How to" on google. I guess, for some reason, I thought there would be a guide to life somewhere on the internet. Everyone I know always seemed to know more than I do whether it's the roads on the streets, the name of some random bug, the name of a actor, or other somewhat useless information which still happens to make you feel dumber. It's almost like someone has this big secret I'm not aware of -as if everything's a conspiracy against me.

    I joined this forum in hopes to improve myself as a person, while indulging topics relevant to my chosen career. I've never been able to hold on to conversations for very long. I just clam up and listen to others because I never had something new to offer and I realize that the reason behind my silence is the blatant truth that I know nothing about my surroundings. I'd often search on google things like, "How to become a functional adult" or "Common Knowledge" hoping there would be a single website that would put me up to speed with the world around me. Of course, such a thing does not exist. I realize now that I will just have to delve into the world I've chosen and -little by little, I will earn enough knowledge to be more than an exemplary engineer in the future, but a person who can speak and hold discussions.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Play trivia.

    I'm only half-joking...it's a good way to learn a wide variety of random facts, plus it's fun to do with friends.

    Read a lot, pay attention, be curious about the world around you, you'll get there. I'm new to PF myself but welcome, and good luck with your future aspirations!
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