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Aspiring neuroscientist is looking for some community guidance

  1. Aug 19, 2012 #1
    I am in my third semester of undergrad and am planning to transfer to the university of Florida after completing my general education.
    What I need help with is the path I am going to take once i get there in regards to concentrations, majors, etc.
    I plan to double major in neuroscience (concentration in molecular and cognitive processes) and computer science.
    I want to work in fields like memory, computational neuroscience, artificial neural networks, A.I, integration of synthetic networks etc
    I would like to know from anyone in related fields if this is perhaps overly ambitious or unfeasible? How the research job market is for this kind of work?
    I was curious if perhaps i should instead double major in physics instead of computer science as im guessing that quantum computing will be the most capable tech for that kind of work and it would helpful to know about qubits, indeterminacy and all that good stuff? I thank you ahead of time for any bits of wisdom left on these message boards
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