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Homework Help: Assigning Quantum Numbers

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    What are the 4 quantum numbers for the last electron in the Al atom? I know how to get the primary quantum number and the spin quatum nmber, but I do not now how to get the secondary/azmuthal quantum number, and the magnetic quantum number.

    The book gives the secondary/azmuthal quantum number as 1 "p", and the magnetic quantum number as -1

    How do I get this values?
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    what shell is the last one in?

    n = 3

    what kindof shell

    L = 1 (p shell)

    what is the ml

    since -L <= ml <= +L

    and the negative one being the first subshell (px) and the positive one being the last subshell(pz)

    and what is Ms?

    Ms = +/- 1/2

    where the positives are the first ones in and the negatives and the second ones in each of the subshells

    draw anaenergy level diagram if you have a problem with this
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