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Associate degree or Minor?

  1. Sep 23, 2014 #1
    Hello!So here's the scenario:

    I'm currently in 1st year Computer Science in a college and I plan to get all the first year subjects required to transfer into engineering in a university next year. But as I am taking this programming course, I got really hooked and suddenly got interested in computer science as well. So here is my question: Is it more advisable to finish my associate degree here in college and then transfer in uni, or should I transfer to uni next year and get engineering with a minor in computer science. You can say that I am really determined to get an electrical engineering and computer science knowledge, I just don't know if an associate degree or minor is better to go with the engineering degree. What's the difference between the two? Thanks!
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    Which courses/classes would you take for a associate's degree in CS, and which ones would take for a minor at the university? You should be able to look those up on the college and university web sites.

    In general, what matters is the courses that you take and their content, rather than the label on your degree.
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    Here are the computer science courses i am required for the associate degree in Langara College and also some courses that I will take for the electives

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Program Design

    Algorithms and Data Structures I

    Object-oriented Computing

    Algorithms and Data Structures II

    Unix Tools and Scripting
    Computing Architecture

    Digital Systems Design
    Computer and Information Security

    and here are the courses that I will take for a minor in UBC(i'm not sure if it's a minor though, they call it mini stream now, there was a minor about 2 months ago when I checked but I can't find it anymore).This is a software development stream

    computation,programs and programming
    software construction
    software engineering
    programming languages
    software project
    advanced software engineering

    any thoughts?

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