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    I think I've decided to change my major from an A.S. transfer degree in M.E. at my community college, to an A.S. transfer degree in Physics. The overall curriculum is less, and it only adds one Physics class that I otherwise would not have taken, but I don't mind that.

    My plans after this will be to continue at a 4 year institution for a B.S. in M.E.

    So I suppose my question is this:
    Is there anything I can do with this degree as far as work is concerned that will help in my M.E pursuits? And something that pays a decent wage?

    Note to the Mods: I flipped a coin between posting here and the career section. I'm not sure which one is more appropriate for this question.
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    The overwhelming response to this question is probably equal to the answer.


    Oh well. Can I at least call myself a Physicist with this degree? Walk around in a lab jacket and goggles while quoting lines from Flubber?
  4. As a transfer student, you should just try and finish some type of transfer agreement with a university. An associates degree will not help if you plan on getting a bachelors.
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