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Assuming that extra-terrestrials are more intelligent than us

  1. some can be less advanced

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  2. they can be at the same rate

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  3. most are more advanced advanced

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  4. Probably a different range depending on the species

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  1. May 1, 2005 #1


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    Why is everyone assuming that extra-terrestrials are more intelligent than us. If we view a timeline of the universe, our developement has developed at a certain rate. Why is everyone assuming that the rate of extra-terrestrial development is greater or the same as ours. Why isn't anyone saying that there are primative aliens. :confused:
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    I don't think anyone is saying there aren't lifeforms more primitive than ourselves in the universe. They might not necessarily say there are either. The problem is, if ETs have the capability for interstellar travel then how could they not be more technologically advanced than us. If the ETs that are reported to be seen here on Earth are real, then they must have used technology beyond our current capabilities to travel the distance from their own worlds to ours. As a race they would be more intelligent than us.
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    Isn't it just that our 'joint' is so fresh that we're just a bunch of infantiles .... which of course shows :smile: .
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Currently, cosmological and biological models suggest that ETs could have had up to a one billion years head start on us. So its not a matter of the rate, it's the time. Also, most scientists would be happy to find extraterrestrial slime; not to mention intelligent creatures such as ET earwigs, or ET kitty cats. And in fact, what we look for on places like Mars, Titan, Europa, and other places that could harbor life, is evidence of any life, slime or otherwise.
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