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Assymmetrical realizations

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    Can someone explain CP violation. Under this title how would we approach a supersymmetrical universe?

    Since I am exempt from contributing to the Ekroptic thread just replyed to by URS, I have to place this question here.

    From a comsological standpoint the issue has been raised in the brane scenarios, so at a fundamental level how would we speak to issue of the gravitons that has left the brane? The bulk is teaming with gravitons and we now have this question of describing the interaction of those colliding branes?

    From this I am speaking then to the geometry of quantum gravity. Any thought or opinion here that might help elucidate the world of those colliding branes? :smile:
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    Are you saying you got banned from sps?
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    No, not of the caliber and of course I agree, but I still submit with about 100% rejection rate. So why bother? Does not mean I am not studing :smile:
    I see something missing in thought patterns, I voice?

    I have been reminded to clarify position, which I appreciate.

    Now to the question of CP violation? Could you explain?

    http://lhcb-public.web.cern.ch/lhcb-public/images/CartoonCP.GIF [Broken]
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    Do you understand why every one of your submissions to sps is being rejected?
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    Yes....now what Jeff :smile:

    If there are no further responses to the question of parity then the thread might as well be removed.
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