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AST/ALT levels

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    Hello Biology folks!
    So here is my problem:
    I have done my bloodwork(full analisis),the results are all satisfying,except my AST and ALT levels.
    My levels:
    AST: 77
    ALT: 48
    Note:I am a almost 17 year old male,73 kg,183cm high. I haven`t drunk any alchol since new years eve and before that not much either(by the way,I have never got drunk so much that I had to throw up if that helps in any way).I am going to the gym every day,so I am lifting weights,I do not take any protein powder or any supplyments for my body.I eat everything healthy.
    I have red that maybe becouse of bodybuilding my levels of AST/ALT are high,is that true?
    Thank you for your time!
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    Since many things can affect these readings, your doctor would need to interpret them along with other tests he has done or plans to do. You need to discuss this with your doctor.
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