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Astable and bistable

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    Astable and bistable have been recently added in our syllabus. As a result it’s not in my textbook. My teacher did give a lecture on it but unfortunately I didn’t get a single thing...
    Can you guys please give a link to some site(s) which give(s) a good introduction to the Astable and bistable circuits with some basic applications? I've already tried google but most of the pages there are too complicated for me to understand. I also need some good links which have introduction to the theories on star formation and the death of stars.
    Thanks in advance for any help that you guys can offer. :smile:
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    Andrew Mason

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    It looks to me like an astable circuit is continuously oscillating. A bistable circuit can be in one of two states but can stay in either one for an indefinite time (flip-flop circuit). See:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multivibrator

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