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Asterisk in pathname

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    I have a bunch of links that are like

    Code (Text):
    (that's one link)

    with an asterisk and then a new address in the middle of them. Is that for a special-purpose Yahoo script or is there a standard meaning for an asterisk in that context?
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    Here's another example
    Code (Text):

    which might help answer your question. I'm curious to know the answer as well.
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    I think it's used as a separator to easily distinguish a page parameter from the page path. Generally a "?" followed by name/value pairs joined by "&" is used, but what's probably happening is that a web server splits the url at the asterisk, the first element being the path, the second the parameter. One advantage of this approach, that i can think of, is that you can have a wider variety of chars in the parameter without them being URL encoded.
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