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Asteroid 2009 DD45

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    On the night of March 1st, actually March 2nd UTC a small asteroid (2009 DD45) will pass very close to earth. Something within 0.00030 lunar distances.

    It will unfortunately (and then perhaps very fortunately) in all probability not be visible to the unaided eye.
    If it was very bright in the sky the gravitational gradients between us and it may have changed the story somewhat, and not for the good.

    This should be a great photo opportunity for anyone into astrophotograpy. Although, it will be moving quite fast as it passes us.

    There is not much in the way of elements yet.

    I suggest anyone interested in attempting a visual, check the coordinate at:
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    I heard about that, nice post.
    But sadly on that night I was volunteering.
    Sad I missed it.
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    From the AP:
    http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iMRlXoAOKgOWrgy2Iux54E-dmD8QD96NJ2H81 [Broken]

    So basically they had a couple of weeks notice? For a major population center that would be tremendously problematical.
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