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Asteroid collision

  1. Dec 2, 2014 #1
    1. An asteroid is 10r away from the earth, and traveling at a speed of 12 km/s. What is the impact speed of the asteroid when it hits the earth?

    2. Gravitation problem: U = -Gm[E]m / r ....I think

    3. I've been looking in my book and online and cannot figure it out, please help!
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    Willis2833, we'd really like to help, but the Rules at PF state the OP must show some effort at solving the problem posted. Unfortunately, 'I cannot figure it out,' isn't good enough. I mean, you should write down some numbers at least, or the value of the constants like r or G, or Me.
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    Surely there is not enough information to answer the question.

    If the asteroid's speed is away from Earth, then the answer is: "not applicable".
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