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Homework Help: Asteroid's orbital radius and speed

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    somebody help me start this question

    The asteroid belt circles the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. One asteroid has a period of 5 earth years. What is the asteroid's orbital radius and speed?

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    I believe you need the mass of the sun, unless you are allowed to give your answer as a function of that variable. Use this formula:
    [tex]T=\frac{2\pi r^{\frac{3}{2}}}{\sqrt{Gm_{sun}}}[/tex]
    where G is the universal gravitational constant and T is the orbital period.
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    is this right

    will the period be 31536000s. if it is, is this right:
    [ 31536000*sqrt(6.67*10^(-11)*(1.99*10^(30)))/(2*pi)]^(2/3)
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    Check your period calculation again. Your method looks correct.
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