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Astounding Moon Footage

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "Astounding Moon Footage"

    A running story with the pseudo crowd, this is almost certainly bunk. I will post any related information should it become available.

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    Ivan's link worked OK for me - when you searched, did you google for Elec. Spacecraft (two words) or Electric Space Craft (three words), as in Ivan's post? That might make a difference.
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    Re: "Astounding Moon Footage"

    That's very wierd, Ivan. At first I thought the smoke plume might be a shadow of the projection, but the relative position of the sun to the earth doesn't seem to support this. Hmmm... Wierd.
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    Nope... now that Ivan's link is working.... You might notice that the link I gave was also linked to FROM Ivan's link.

    Though this is gibberish, the photos are kinda interesting...
    One thing to suggest though is that while the "plume" may not be the shadow, the actual tower may be simply a pretty small object exaggerated by the sun from an odd direction. Has happened before...

    For the "plume"... Dunno, but one possiblility is a smudge etc on the actual camera itself. For example, looking at this frame, you can see a dark patch in the same position the plume appears a bit later, and we can see a change in the brightness of the entire picture in the frame it does... Hope the attachment works...

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