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Astro-Physics in Australia

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    I live in Australia and want to get into astro-physics. I have just finished my final year of school and I am looking at degrees in Science majoring in Astronomy and Astro-Physics, Aerospace Engineering or there is a double degree that does both!
    So are does anyone know what there is beyond university (not just in Australia) for someone with qualifications in those areas? because it would be nice to have a job after all my study is finished... lol
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    ok so I guess no Aussies...

    whats it like in everyone elses countries?
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    read Zapperz's sticky, its all there. Sorry, but we've done this one to death in threads, so that's why there is a sticky. Although, there is no school specific information, it just covers the educational path that you have to take to become physicist. Its pretty universal across all university systems as far as I know.

    Generally, if you want to do astrophysics you'll get a BS in Physics and a PhD in either Physics, Astronomy, or Astrophysics, depending on what your particular campus offers. I would suggest the BS in Physics rather than a BS in astronomy, only because Astrophysics is the jack-of-all-trades physics fields, you have to know everything, because astrophysical systems include everything. better to have that direct general knowledge for the BS IMHO. Although, I suppose that depends on the curriculum of the astronomy degree.
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