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Astro Preperation

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    Hi all. I am starting graduate studies in astronomy&astrophysics in the fall, but due to the curriculum at my school, I don't have much of an astro background. What books can people recommend I go through during the summer to get myself prepared? Do you think going through Carroll&Ostlie would be enough, or should I supplement it with something more advanced?
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    I'm about to complete an undergraduate Msci degree in Astrophysics, and Carroll & Ostlie was our recommended book for both first and second year (of five). I'd say that it was a good book as far as overviews and explanations go but I prefer a bit more of a hands-on with math look than it provides. If you know which courses you'll be covering more specifically (e.g. positional astronomy/cosmology/dynamics etc) then use Ostlie as a starting point and suppliment with other books.
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