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Astrobites analog for physics?

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    Astrobites provides an interesting, and in my opinion, important service of helping undergraduate astronomy students become better acquainted with current research literature. Beyond helping these students, it's also nice for the graduate students who produce the articles.

    Does anyone know of a similar resource for physics? Granted, physics is a much larger subject, and we don't have a single unified arXiv category like astro-ph to draw from, but nevertheless something seems possible. Or if there is nothing unified, perhaps something just for gr-qc, hep-th, hep-ph, or any of the specific physics categories? It also seems that the barrier towards explaining these (theoretical) papers is higher than that for astrophysics, but this could just be a failure of my own understanding.

    At any rate I'd like to open a discussion on this, since if nothing like this exists I think it would be excellent to create something!

    (I don't know where this topic fits, so feel free to move as is necessary.)
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    I have been wondering this same thing - a google search directed me to your post. I'll keep an eye and post back here if I find anything. Hopefully you can do the same. I'm also very interested in finding such a source or creating one if there is a void.
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