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[astrogeology] measuring atmospheric density

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    Can someone explain the equation [tex]g/cm^3[/tex] in layman's term? I was reading up on this article on Saturn's moon Enceladus, having heat, and the first thing i though was the gravitional tuggin from Saturn and it's other moons. And i came across this equation and seem like it's used to base density levels of atmospheres on planets. Also how did they come up with this equation?
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    noone, eh?
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    [tex]\rm{g}\over\rm{cm}^3[/tex] is the units for density, which is the mass per unit volume.
    Not sure what you are asking here. Are you asking how they derive the atmoshperic density of the planets, or how they came up with the equation for density???? I can't see where they have used it in the article either.
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