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Astromony question

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    There's an astromony question that I'm stuck on~
    " A distant galaxy in the constellation Hydra is receding from the earth at 6.12*10^7 m/s. By how much is a green spectral line of wavelength 500nm (1nm=10^(-9) )emitted by this galaxy shifted toward the red end of the spectrum?
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    what knowledge do you have?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Just use the relativistic doppler effect:

    [tex]\nu_{obs}/\nu_{source} = \sqrt{\frac{1+\beta}{1-\beta}}[/tex]

    where [itex]\beta = v/c = .204[/itex] and [itex]\nu_{source} = c/\lambda_{source}[/itex]

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    How did you think of to use the Doppler effect?
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    Probably because the question is about the Doppler effect (well, it's about red shift, which is to do with the Doppler effect). Also, you mean "astronomy", not "astromony".
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    I see~
    Thanks for correcting my spelling mistake!
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