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Engineering Astronautical Engineering

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    I am a physics major about to finish my undergrad (in a about a year) and have been thinking about fields that I would like to go into. One that strikes my fancy is astronautical engineering, however I have not taken any engineering classes. Is it possible to switch my field going into grad school and how hard of a transition do you think it would be?
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    I am unsure of American rules however I know for certain in Canada that a physics major skips over a few of the finer applications of say fluid mechanics or perhaps radar and communications loops. You will have to play catch up in certain fields like engineering software and ethics courses. Good news is your background in physics and math means your good for those courses. I would suggest seeing the department of mechanical or aerospace engineering academic adviser at your university.

    Overall a switch is probably very possible and overall not very difficult. CAD and 3d solid modeling can be fun if a little trying at times.
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