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Astronomers unravel a mystery of the Dark Ages

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hey, Cool.

    amaxing what our tech and research can find out.
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    They originally thought it was a volcanoe.

    Astronomers 1
    Geologists 0

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    Hmm. Astronomers think it was a comet, geologists think it was a volcano - go figure.
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    ok then, for being wrong the geologists lose a point.
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    I wonder if any records survive. We have access to roman records that were older if i am not mistaken, therefore it is not unconceivable that european monks of the day might have had records documenting such an incident (i assume we know of the crop failures from similar records). Or if it hit somewhere else records could be found in Asia.. i think thats the same time as the Tang dynasty, which should also have surviving records. It would be interesting to see some kind of confirmation from ancient records describing what would probably be referred to as a "wrath of god" event. At any rate its pretty interesting stuff.
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