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    We normally have a rule about telling people the answer to homework - but these are the worst phrased 'science' questions I have seen for a while.

    7, I would say C but it's not a science question. It depends on what the probe is supposed to do and the balance of damage vs data ?

    8, If a is true b is also true. e is wrong it is the weakest. d isn't even a question so C ?

    9, Do they mean linear speed or angular velocity ?

    10, What does this even mean ??
    a, they don't have life - neother do most planets
    b, False the lack of craters is due to either the ice reforming over the surface (Europa) or the active surface being replaced by volcanoes (io)
    c, so the anallogy is poor, does thtis mean the question is wrong.
    d, planets are formed from different things as well
    e, so what does this mean for the question?

    11, Is the nearest so far to being science! If a small object like io is still active 4 billion years later it has to be a heat source that is constantly supplying new energy = tidal.

    12, a might be true, don't know. It would have to be a very thin atmosphere given the low temperature. b and d are obviously wrong.
    c - sort of makes sense except is it really plate techtonics if there is no subduction zones/ ridge spreading.
    e - none of the above would seem to apply to almost all these questions.

    13 d - you need moving conducting material to make a magnetic field. So you would have to have a molten metal core.

    14 a - we sort of answered this in 10

    15, Is a stamp collecting question = know the name of a named feature. As a hint a donut is a torus - but that doesn't mean whoever named the object on io named it a torus.

    16, is just rig if you know the numbers.

    17, They are all organic molecules, they are also all hydrocarbons or you could just say chemicals. This is not an english lit exam, do you pick the term that rhymes best!

    18 is just match the word water from the previous sentance.

    19 Just use F=ma

    20, A question that asks you to just go and look it up on the web !!!!!!!!!!!!
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