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Homework Help: Astronomy/Mathmatical questions PLEASE HELP!

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    Astronomy/Mathmatical questions PLEASE HELP! :)

    If the fastest passenger aircraft can fly 1,600km/hour (1,000mph) how many years would it take to reach the sun? and the galatic center?

    *Hint* 1 Parsec = 3x10 (to the 13th power) km :yuck:

    Any help would be greatly appriciated

    thanks in advance. :bugeye:
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    For the sun, you need to find how many kilometers the Sun is from the Earth and divide by the velocity. That will give you the time in hours. You'll probably want to convert that to something more manageable, like days (although getting there at night would be preferable :devil: ).

    For the galactic center, find how far away the galactic center is from the Earth and divide by the velocity. You'll probably want to convert the velocity from km/hour to km/year.

    The unit conversion for each is more trouble than the problem itself. Unit conversions are done as:

    [tex]\frac{1600 km}{1 hr}*\frac{24 hours}{1 day} *\frac{365 days}{1 year}[/tex] and so on.
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