Astronomy Olympiad

  1. Recently I gave my Astronomy Olympiad. There were some questions of descriptive type. If you all dont mind I would like to discuss them here. :rolleyes:
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  4. Here goes the first...
    Well, if it had been a question of geometry, I would have just calculated the angle for cos-1 (6400/42400). My answer would come 81.1...

    But what I wrote is about the stability of the satellite. Will the satellite be stable at an altitude of 36000 Kilometres. What do you think??
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    It doesn't matter if it is stable or not - it is at 36000km right now.
  6. OK :D It means I was foolish to prove that the satellite was unstable. anyways, here goes the second question:
    I think that more than 1 arrangement is possible. And the sum should always be a constant. Probably 360 degree. Whadda say? :tongue2:
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    I agree on the first but disagree with the second. I can make any sum from 180* to 720*.
  8. Oh very well!! thanks for that :D The third question.
    I have assumed that the shell is spherical. And the the space inside the shell is vacuum. Am I going in the right direction?
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