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Programs Astronomy PhD in Europe

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    Hello all-

    I'm currently wrapping up a Physics M.S. in astrophysics at a well-known university in the USA for this field, and for a few reasons I want to get my Astronomy PhD in Europe, focusing on experiment (I know I want to transfer from here because the research opportunities don't interest me, and I like the system over there better and love to travel so it'd be pretty awesome if it worked out). I am a US citizen and have EU citizenship as well through my Hungarian parents, which is helpful. As a difficulty though the only languages I speak fluently are English and Hungarian!

    Problem is I'm trying hard right now to find universities within this subset- not too picky about the country save the language issues above- and Googling isn't being very helpful. So can anyone tell me some universities in Europe I can look into for experimental astronomy, or where to look into it? I've looked into the UK and while I'll be applying it looks like I'll have issues securing a stipend with just an EU citizenship (true?) so someplace like Germany or the Netherlands might work although I'm eager to hear any suggestions. :) Thanks!
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    Are trying to suggests that it's hard to find a PhD program in astronomy in Europe?

    Researching programs is the first obstacle that needs to be surmounted in getting a PhD and you seem to be passing the buck. It took me less than a minute to do this http://www.phdportal.eu/search/?q=di-82|lv-phd&order=relevance
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