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Astronomy-related career

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    can i get into an astronomy-related field using a B.S. in physics? i enjoy physics but i also really enjoy astronomy.
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    Just a thought - do you have any aptitude/experience in mechanical fabrication, electronics, or some other practical field? If so, you might want to look into doing some grad work at U of A in Tucson. They have facilities to produce optics and instrumentation and are associated with world-class instruments, and you may be able to get your foot in the door that way.

    An on-line friend of mine from Mongolia got accepted into their astronomy program, and as a freshman, he was able to get into projects building instrumentation, operating the on-campus observatory's telescope for public viewing, etc. And he has pretty good access to the Steward Observatory's facilities and has taken his mother there for private tours when she visited earlier this year.

    You could at least inquire...
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    Why not teach physics and run an astronomy club?
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