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Astronomy Research?

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    Astronomy Research??

    Hi all, i am basically a software engineering student (pre-final year). I am good at programming and some math and physics, and i have so much craze about astronomy/space research and star gazing and everything related to astronomy.

    I wish i can take up some 'real' problem in space technology and do some research on it using software engineering approach and try devising a solution for that.

    I will be much delighted if some one can enlighten me about the stuff and about where and what exactly to start with. It would be much much helpful if i could get some clear expert advice on this.

    Thanks so much for answering! =]
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    Re: Astronomy Research??

    I suggest you try getting in touch with an astronomy or physics professor at your university. They might have a project you can work on with them. My university offers a program where students can get research credit for working with professors - see if there's a program like that set up at your school. But you'll need someone to guide you through it at this level - there's not much we could suggest for you to do on your own with limited knowledge of any particular astrophysical field.
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    Re: Astronomy Research??

    I have already tried that. There is no professor in my university that works on astronomy. All i got to do now is find a topic and explore it to do something useful. Some of the suggestions that i got till now are Digital Image processing for remote sensing and artificial intelligence for various automation. It would be helpful if you could suggest something like these.
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