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Astrophysical fluid dynamics

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    i am an aerospace engineer and have good knowledge in fluid and gas dynamics and i want to study astrophysical fluid dynamics , should i study intro to astronomy and astrophysics ?
    and what are best books in astrophysical fluid dynamics ?
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    Probably Plasma physics is probably what you want to study. Here's an article about solar plasma jets that can give you an idea of the field:


    and this wiki article mentions other related fields like magnetohydrodynamics:



    Here's an older book circa 2001 on the subject:


    I can't vouch for the book but some other member may have something to say about it.
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    About 10 years ago, when I worked in the field, the standard books was:


    and maybe it still is, probably a little outdatet... but it is more on fundamentals and less on applications, so I think most of it is still usefull. But it is a tough read.

    More introductory is maybe


    I haven't read it, but from browsing its contents on Amazon it looks quite useful.
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