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Astrophysics books

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    I am searching for one or more good references in astrophysics. It should cover in any case the physics of interstellar medium and radiative processes. It would be nice if it cointains stars, stellar systems and stellar evolution. If must not contain galactic dynamics, structure formation and cosmology. What are the best or the classical ones?
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    Text in course ASTR 3730: Astrophysics 1, University of Colorado

    An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution
    by Dina Prialnik


    Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis by Donald Clayton

    A number of other references appear with these.

    For interstellar medium -

    J.E. Dyson & R.A. Williams, The Physics of the Interstellar Medium. Try to find the 2nd edition published in 1997. Other similar books are available at Amazon.

    No endorsement of Amazon is implied - it's a good start though.
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    Thank you Astronuc. This seam to be nice references... and not too expensive.
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