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Astrophysics books

  1. Feb 2, 2015 #1
    Hey there, im a student and im thinking of buying the two books for astrophysics written by Frank Shu. do you think they will help me to get a better understanding of astronomy and expand my knowledge? My level is not high but i know several things about astronomy and astrophysics
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    Are you looking for broad popular science type books or school textbooks?
  4. Feb 3, 2015 #3
    im looking for something more advanced than typical school textbooks, but it depends...maybe school textbooks in other countries are better than Greece's
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    What do you mean by school? Secondary (high), tertiary (college)?

    What is your level of maths knowledge?

    The two volumes you mention are (according to the description) for graduate students. I'd expect advanced calculus being a necessary prerequisite. They might be not the right choice if all you're looking for is an introductory text that treats the subject seriously.

    The third book on Amazon by the same author (Physical Universe: Introduction to Astronomy) is highly praised in reviews as having both wide appeal and great depth. Ask @phyzguy for details - he seems to have read it as I saw him recommending it once before.
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    I will wait till my mathematics background become better im learning calculus by myself this year im (16) but in Greece we learn more about calculus ( limits,differential calculus and integral calculus) the next year. so ill write again soon :)..Any other physics books with harder problems that could help me with physics competitions?
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