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Physics Astrophysics Degree

  1. Jan 19, 2017 #1
    I am a sophomore in High School, and I am considering getting a PhD in astrophysics. Is a PhD worth it? Also, what job opportunities will be available to me? Thanks for any feedback : )
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    Kai Spackman

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    Most PhD's lead to further research within a topic. When choosing said topic it is always important to consider whether or not you will enjoy it, as it will usually be the baseline for your carer in general. A PhD will be admired by any job seeker, especially for jobs that involve science.
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    Ok, Thanks :P Whats the process like in getting a PhD? Do you apply immediately after entering a collage, or do you need a bachelors degree first?
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    I suggest you look at the So You Want to Be a Physicist thread which is posted next door in our Academic Guidance forum, near the top. Or just click on the link here.

    Extremely condensed version (assuming you're in the US):

    1. Go to college/university and get a bachelor's degree in physics or astrophysics (4 years). Physics is fine and gives you more flexibility if you change your mind away from astrophysics.

    2. During your senior year of college/university, you apply to PhD programs in graduate schools at universities that have research programs in astrophysics to some other area of physics.

    3. You spend 6-8 years in grad school. About the first 2 years is mostly coursework, basically what you would take if you were just getting a master's degree. The rest is mostly research related to your PhD.
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